What’s Mission Tampa Bay?

Jesus said, Don't you have a saying, “It's still four months until harvest”? I tell you, open your eyes and look at the fields! They are ripe for harvest (John 4:35 NIV).

As followers of Jesus, we know we’re called to be His witnesses. And we want to, but who has time for that? Life is already so busy. How can we fit witnessing in too?

Well, here’s a bright idea. Since you spend so much time at work or school or the gym or on your sports team (sometimes even more than you spend at home), make that your mission field. Sure, weekend outreaches and mission trips with your church are important. Get involved in them as much as possible. But don’t overlook the obvious. Witnessing isn’t something you add to your already busy life. It’s something you do as you live your life. And your mission field doesn’t have to be somewhere else. Witness right where you are. Love the ones you're with.