1 Is the Loneliest Number

One reason our witness for Jesus is so weak is because we’re going at it alone. Understandably, we end up hiding our little light because it’s tough being a single light in a dark place.

But that can change by simply following Jesus’ strategy of partnering at least 2 of His followers together. Calling the Twelve to him, Jesus began to send them out two by two (Mark 6:7 NIV). We call these pairs Dare2Share Teams.


2 Are Better Than 1

A Dare2Share Team starts with 2 individuals from an office or factory, a school or sports team, an apartment complex or neighborhood who intentionally shine Jesus’ love TOGETHER. Specifically, they partner together to live a Prayer-Care-Share life in their sphere of influence.

(The idea isn’t to keep your Dare2Share Team at 2 people, just to start with 2 people. Hopefully, it will grow from there.)