How to start a Dare2Share Team


1. Pray

Ask God if He is calling you to start a Dare2Share Team. Ask God who could join you on the team.

2. Invite

Invite them to join you. Ask them to visit to learn about Dare2Share Teams and Prayer-Care-Share living. Then give them some time to think and pray about joining you.

3. Register

It would be helpful if you registered your Dare2Share Team. That way Mission Tampa Bay can pray for you and your team and send you some equipping resources from time to time. Also find us on FACEBOOK and connect socially with the growing community of Dare2Share Teams in the Bay area.

4. Huddle

IMPACT BOOKMARK (Prayer:Care:Share).001.jpeg

Meet physically or virtually, weekly or even daily to Report & Support and Pray & Plan.

  • Report & Support

    • How’s Praying and Caring and Sharing going for you? (Use this IMPACT BOOKMARK as a way to start and report on a Prayer-Care-Share life.)

    • What’s happening? (Celebrate successes / work through frustrations)

    • What have you learned?

  • Pray & Plan

    • Pray for each other

    • Pray for your sphere of influence

    • Plan next steps for living out a Prayer-Care-Share life as individuals and as a team

You may want to select a host or a facilitator to make sure your huddles stay on track and on time.

Remember these huddles aren’t church. They’re not even a Bible study. They’re simply a huddle. The point is to regularly get together to get the next play and get back in the game of living a Prayer-Care-Share life.